Luke Johnson talks about buying and selling businesess

Luke Johnson talks to Business Sale Report

Luke Johnson talks to the Business Sale Report about how he has done business in the downturn and offers advice on buying and selling businesses.

Luke Johnson has owned and directed around 20 businesses ranging from restaurants to dentistry.  After selling his Pizza Express in 1999 he set up Risk Capital Partners in 2000 which has been buying and selling businesses every since including large businesses such as Borders.

His top tips for buying and selling businesses are as follows:

  • Use the best advisors you can afford.
  • Take references on the people you are dealing with.
  • Never take your eye off the ball of your own business if you are looking to sell it.
  • Generally trade buyers are good purchasers of businesses.
  • Do not assume any deal will complete as many transactions are falling at the last minute


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