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See just about every mid-market sized business for sale in one place, saving many hours of your time and ensuring you don't miss any potential opportunities. View the details of businesses for sale you won't find elsewhere.

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There are extraordinary opportunities around for entrepreneurs to buy distressed businesses or their assets. We provide a number of tools to help you find, and make the most of, these opportunities.

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At the Business Sale Report we are always on the look out for interesting news and views in relation to the buying and selling of businesses. As such, we have compiled an extensive resources section to help keep you informed of current developments in the business for sale market and to help demystify aspects of the industry.

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As a subscriber, you will have direct access to a database of thousands of profitable trading businesses for sale in the UK, segregated into industry categories.

There is no other single source for these listings. Over the last sixteen years, we have built up a specialist research unit that manually examines and checks every new business for sale listing, and actively searches the market for impending divestments.

As soon as a UK company comes onto the market, we aim to have it listed here immediately.

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Every month hundreds of businesses find themselves in a cash flow crisis and are issued with winding-up petitions or fall into administration.

Many of our subscribers are steadily building up their business empires by picking up distressed businesses on the cheap - found using our service.

We monitor all businesses in administration for you. We add information collected from Companies House and also append with information from our own databases. We then send out daily email alerts of new opportunities to any subscriber that wants them.  You can also elect to receive alerts of businesses issued with winding-up notices, often advance notice of a liquidation or administration.

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There is no fee nor transactional cost to sell your business here, whether you are the owner, an agent or a broker.

So long as the company meets our minimum size criteria, and it is a bona fide trading business that is genuinely up for sale, it can be included on our database and visible online to thousands of serious prospective buyers for free.

Your business for sale listing will also appear in the printed publication, read by many of our subscribers every month.

If you like, we can even offer you a free business valuation, as we can draw on a deal comparables database going back over 15 years.

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Prominent, well-established provider of water saving solutions. With a reputation for innovation through its suite of products and systems, the company has achieved consistently high profit margins in excess of 45%. Catering for a range of customers across the UK and Europe, its products are sustain
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