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Prepared Fresh Fruit & Vegetables - Food - South East
Asking Price: £4,000,000 Turnover:  £4,300,000 Location: South East
Established for almost 30 years. A specialist wholesaler of prepared fresh fruit and vegetables, mainly to foodservice but also retail, plus other associated edible goods. Fresh products cover both whole and prepared to cook as well as ready-to-eat preparations such as fruit salads. Based from two l...
Organic Fruit & Vegetables - Food - South East
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,250,000 Location: South East
Independent wholesaler of organic fruit and vegetables, established for over 20 years. The produce includes vegetarian and vegan wholefoods, salads, mushrooms, herbs, sprouted seeds, eggs and cheese, and wholefoods. Certified by the Soil Association and inspected each year. High level of enquiries v...
Fruit & Vegetables - Food - Kent
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £400,000 Location: South East
Established since 1994. Excellent reputation. Wholesale and retail supplier. Leasehold. Offers invited....
Boarding Kennels - Leisure and Lifestyle - Pembrokeshire
Asking Price: £575,000 Turnover:  £76,000 Location: Wales
A successful boarding kennels with a small holding and family home. This first class kenneling facility has built up a loyal client base over many years of trading and has room for further expansion. The small holding provides space for either keeping livestock or growing your own fruit and vegetabl...
Ethnic Foods - Food - South Yorkshire
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £5,900,000 Location: Yorkshire and the Humber
Wholesale, distribution and cash and carry service for a wide variety of customers that include independent retailers, restaurants, fast food outlets, pubs, sandwich shops, mini-supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the region. Items include a large selection of frozen foods from its freeze...
Coffee-based Beverages - Food - South East US
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £2,950,000 Location: Non-UK
Distributor of coffee-based specialty beverage products, fruit smoothies, ice-blended beverages, coffee, tea and equipment strictly to commercial accounts. Operating for over 20 years, its ample product offerings allow it to focus on the innovation of new beverages while simultaneously working for t...

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