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Market Research Support - Advertising and Media - Southeast US

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £3,795,000
Location: Non-UK

It specialises in intelligent print and mail fulfillment, data capture scanning departments, internet capabilities as well as call centre support. Providing an outsourced solution to the most critical needs of market research firms globally. Over 12 years of knowledge and experience handling project...

Test Material Products for Aerospace & Research - Manufacturing - Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £560,000
Location: UK Wide

Provides customised materials for use in the aerospace and research industries, materials are for the purposes of material testing, of metal fatigue or tensile strength. It has CAD and CAM facilities. Large blue-chip multinational client base with over 30 year relationships. ISO 9001:2001 accredited...

Premier Clinical Research - Medical and Educational - Scotland

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,180,000
Location: Scotland

Premier UK clinical research company providing Phase II, III and IV, over the counter and device clinical trials for customers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Most trials conducted involve drugs or devices aimed at the primary care or OTC markets with participants numbering betw...

Laser Cutting, Cladding & Welding Equipment - Engineering - East Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £795,000
Location: East Midlands

Imports and distributes high-tech laser cutting, cladding and welding equipment to the UK aerospace, research and heavy manufacturing sectors. Sole distributor in the UK and ROI for several world leading manufacturers of laser processing and diagnostic equipment, in addition to retailing laser optic...

Talent Management - Services - Wiltshire

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £497,000
Location: South West

Award-winning talent and career management business. Innovative talent management products with digital possibilities, which will give a buyer a competitive edge. This company is rich in IP, research, and in-house expertise. There is a suite of high-quality products developed with blue-chip clients,...

Glass Components - Engineering - North East

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,160,000
Location: North East

Fabricator and finisher of glass/optical components, providing grinding, polishing, profiling, edging, drilling, sandblasting and toughening of products to the scientific research, military and industrial sectors. Products produced include quartz windows, discs, substrates, plates, prisms, wedges, r...

Market Research, Data Processing & Analytics Agency - Advertising and Media - South East

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,400,000
Location: South East

Very well-established (28+ years). Excellent reputation. Loyal management team and workforce. 40 clients. Operates in diversified sectors. Key staff/management retainable. Approx. 70% repeat business. Expansion capacity. MRS Company Partner. Scalable platform for growth. Strong IT and back office sy...

Thermal Process Equipment - Manufacturing - South East

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,015,000
Location: South East

Specialist in the manufacture of thermal process equipment for heating, cooling and monitoring of highly corrosive liquids used mainly in the electroplating industry, but also used in glass etching, electronic components, PCB manufacture, steel and metal production, and mining. Supplies a full compl...

Medical Device Developer - Medical and Educational - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £12,070,000
Location: UK Wide

Medical technology research developing a mobile coagulation profiler, with a progression to manufacture and distribute. Coagulation profiler that will operate at the scene of an incident. Rapidly detects abnormal blood clotting conditions after traumatic incidents. Potentially increases survival rat...

Production Mould Tooling - Manufacturing - UK

Asking Price: 
Location: UK Wide

Unique research and development, including production mould tooling. Provider of an award-winning range of semi-submersibles, small craft and electromechanical innovations. Established branding with copyright and substantial enquiry book. Supplies exciting progressive innovations to broad internatio...

Fraud Analytics Software - Technology - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £2,000,000
Location: UK Wide

It has developed a leading platform for retail fraud detection and operates in a growing market with high profile customers. With a potential target market of over 10,000 retailers globally there is a substantial opportunity to grow the business internationally. Fraud is a growing problem worldwide....

Consultancy: Customer Service Training - Professional and Financial - South UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,300,000
Location: UK Wide

South UK-based, with national coverage. Provides a range of linked solutions including training, research and leadership development with an aim of assisting clients build a profitable customer service reputation. Also offers unique evaluation tools, giving clear indications of training impact. Pres...

Building Contractor - Building and Construction - South

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £925,000
Location: UK Wide

Provides a comprehensive building contractor service including construction, demolition, maintenance and project management to the MOD and other defence technology companies and organisations. Five-year ongoing contracts with its two largest clients. Freehold property included in sale at value £2.1...

UK & EU Manufactured Car Parts - Wholesale and Distribution - England

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £2,500,000
Location: UK Wide

Distributor of UK and EU manufactured car parts to Chinese after-market. Also designs automotive components, mainly sensors, for supply to state-owned Chinese car manufacturers. Supplier of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) parts to Chinese after-market. Unique online JLR trade portal with over 275k listed pa...

Precision Coatings - Manufacturing - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,200,000
Location: UK Wide

Specialists in the application of technical coating solutions for plastic and metallic components for customers operating across the automotive, telecommunications and electronic instrumentation sectors. Blue-chip client base including BT and Koito. Enviable design and 3D printing capabilities. Nume...

Technology & SaaS - Technology - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £513,000
Location: UK Wide

Founded in 2011. Specialising in the auto-trade market. Used to run a Loan Tool Programme for high value rarely used but expensive tools. Provides a Circular Commerce Platform for a recurring revenue streams. Turnover y/e June 2015 £513k. Expressions of interest and offers for the business and ass...

Art Gallery: Online - Retail - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £615,000
Location: UK Wide

Owns and operates a website art gallery for artists to market and sell their work. Revenues are generated by the commission income on art sales, and from artists, who can purchase membership upgrades and buy promotional features. Iconic web domain name, well-known within the sector and with high onl...

Estate Agency - Services - Cheshire

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £204,000
Location: North West


Niche Designer Home Heating - Services - East Anglia

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £245,000
Location: East of England

Excellent reputation and client retention. Excellent potential for growth as stand-alone business or bolt-on. Specialists in delivering a personal touch. Great relationship with designers and suppliers. Strong position in niche market. Strong market knowledge and sector specialism. Profit: £27k....

Recruitment Agency - Services - UK

Asking Price: £1,200,000
Turnover:  £1,229,000
Location: UK Wide

Independent recruitment company with almost a decade of market presence. It has established a strong base in the Home Counties and also serves a number of national accounts. ...

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