Latest businesses in administration

Latest Businesses in Administration

Below are abbreviated listings of businesses that have recently been put into administration or administrative receivership. You can search the results from the last 60 days below. Today's businesses in administration are being input and will be emailed out to subscribers in the late afternoon or early evening. We keep information on our administrations database for two years from the appointment date. Not only do we list all businesses that go into administration, but we are also in contact with a number of insolvency practitioners who list distressed businesses through our service directly.

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Type of Business Region Total Fixed Assets Date Published
Sports FacilitiesWest Midlands £286,274 23/04/2015
HealthcareEast Midlands £37,903 23/04/2015
Maintenance and Repair of Motor VehiclesSouth East £89,338 23/04/2015
Timber MerchantEast of England £142,090 23/04/2015
Cleaning chemicals manufacturerSouth West £3,948,515 23/04/2015
Medical nursing home activitiesSouth West £1,900,000 22/04/2015
Printing N.E.CEast of England - 22/04/2015
Wholesale of metals and metal oresLondon £383,230 22/04/2015
Estate AgentsNorth East £25,760 22/04/2015
Credit UnionEast Midlands - 22/04/2015
Residential nursing care facilitiesSouth West £1,497,306 22/04/2015
Recruitment consultantNorth West £53,483 21/04/2015
Manufacture of Medical and Dental InstrumentsWest Midlands £183,893 21/04/2015
Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineeringNorth East £88,112 21/04/2015
Employment AgencyWest Midlands £25,802 21/04/2015
TelecomminicationsEast Anglia - 20/04/2015
Specialist DiariesEast Anglia - 20/04/2015
Manufacture of office and shop furnitureSouth West £62,265 17/04/2015
Manufacture of fabricated metalsWest Midlands £299,640 17/04/2015
Marketing and AdvertisingEast of England £37,967 17/04/2015
Development and Manufacture of Robotic SolutionsWales £439,172 17/04/2015
Manufacturer of fabricated metal productsEast Midlands £66,869 16/04/2015
Residential Letting AgentSouth East £247,620 16/04/2015
Sewage and refuse Disposal, Sanitation and Similar ActivitiesNorth East £176,166 16/04/2015
Construction of Domestic BuildingsSouth East £122,791 16/04/2015
Installation of Electrical Wiring and FittingsNorth East £32,155 16/04/2015
Production of ElectricityNorth West - 16/04/2015
Residential Estate AgentSouth East £13,328 16/04/2015
Web PortalsLondon £1,703 16/04/2015
Manufacture of other technical ceramic productsSouth East £521,109 15/04/2015
Temporary employment agency activitiesLondon £43,666 15/04/2015
Finished metal hardware product manufacturingWest Midlands £6,172,583 15/04/2015
Printer CartridgesNorth West £42,828 15/04/2015
Design and manufacture of corporate signageSouth East £77,053 14/04/2015
Jewellery PackagingWest Midlands £34,438 14/04/2015
Data CentreLondon £3,359 14/04/2015
Technology ActivitiesLondon £62,762 14/04/2015
Security servicesSouth East £38,462 14/04/2015
Furniture retailLondon £2,994 14/04/2015
Information Technology Service ActivitiesEast of England £11,329 14/04/2015
To advise on alcohol and drug abuseWales £871,053 14/04/2015
Online & Print PublicationLondon £8,600 13/04/2015
81229 ‚Äö√Ą√¨ Other building and industrial cleaning activitiesEast Midlands - 13/04/2015
Leisure - Hotels and AccommodationWales £8,821 13/04/2015
46180 - Agents specialised in the sale of other particular productsEast Midlands £18,824 13/04/2015
Leisure - Hotels and Accommodation.Wales £413,739 13/04/2015

* The financial figures shown are those last reported at Companies House. It is not compulsory for businesses to report all financial figures so we have only included figures available to us. The figures are unlikely to be an accurate reflection of the companies current status due to the nature of insolvency. The purpose of including this information is in order to help subscribers gain some idea as to the overall scale of the businesses that have been put into administration.