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Below are abbreviated listings of businesses that have recently been put into administration or administrative receivership. You can search the results from the last 60 days below. Today's businesses in administration are being input and will be emailed out to subscribers in the late afternoon or early evening. We keep information on our administrations database for two years from the appointment date. Not only do we list all businesses that go into administration, but we are also in contact with a number of insolvency practitioners who list distressed businesses through our service directly.

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Type of Business Region Total Fixed Assets Date Published
Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessoriesWest Midlands £4,535,759 29/07/2014
Sale of second hand vehiclesNorth East £453,469 29/07/2014
MarinaLondon £637,266 29/07/2014
ManufacturingWest Midlands - 29/07/2014
Other letting and operating of own or leased real estateLondon £3,958,092 29/07/2014
Automotive - Motor TradeWest Midlands £844,439 29/07/2014
Electrical ContractorsNorth East £66,594 28/07/2014
Wholesale of retail productsEast of England £5,581,358 28/07/2014
Manufacturing - Computerised HardwareNorth East £774,536 28/07/2014
Other building installationLondon £151,089 28/07/2014
Haulage ContractorEast Midlands £1,316,069 28/07/2014
Freight transportersNorth West £24,320 28/07/2014
Construction of commercial buildingsNorth West £3,625,004 25/07/2014
Telecommunications activitiesLondon £33,841 25/07/2014
IT SoftwareLondon - 25/07/2014
Holding CompanyNorth West £2,238,692 24/07/2014
Information technology service activitiesHome Counties & Outer London - 24/07/2014
Residential Care HomeSouth West £5,192,734 24/07/2014
Repair and Maintenance of Ships and BoatsNorth East £167,249 24/07/2014
Wholesale of Fruit & VegetablesYorkshire and the Humber £2,440,674 24/07/2014
Frozen Food ProductionWest Midlands - 24/07/2014
Other manufacturingSouth East £81,305 24/07/2014
Sports & ActivitiesWest Midlands £134,004 23/07/2014
Manufacturers of Electrical TransformersWest Midlands £59,233 23/07/2014
Paper WholesalerWales £526,584 23/07/2014
Real Estate AgenciesNorth East £42,972 22/07/2014
Pre-primary, primary & secondary educationWest Midlands £703,201 22/07/2014
Motorcycle and other vehicle dealershipSouth West - 22/07/2014
Members‚Äö√Ą√ī Social ClubSouth East - 21/07/2014
Manufacture of Electric Lighting EquipmentWest Midlands £653,524 21/07/2014
Information technology service activities - 21/07/2014
Advertising AgenciesLondon £42,860 21/07/2014
Retail sales of household electricalSouth West £772,464 21/07/2014
Retail Sale of Clothing in Specialised StoresSouth West £7,350 21/07/2014
Other business support service activities not elsewhere classifiedSouth East £230,012 21/07/2014
Manufacture of TextilesNorth West £432,003 18/07/2014
Holding CompanyYorkshire and the Humber £514,978 18/07/2014
Recruitment AgencyWest Midlands £10,497 18/07/2014
Other building installationNorth East £449,887 18/07/2014
Brewery OperationsSouth East £26,288 18/07/2014
None SuppliedNorth West - 18/07/2014
Manufacture of electronic componentsSouth East - 18/07/2014
Flooring & Floor - Covering RetailerWest Midlands £1,831,387 18/07/2014
Other building completionEast Midlands £42,939 18/07/2014
Electrical DistributorNorth East £917,433 18/07/2014

* The financial figures shown are those last reported at Companies House. It is not compulsory for businesses to report all financial figures so we have only included figures available to us. The figures are unlikely to be an accurate reflection of the companies current status due to the nature of insolvency. The purpose of including this information is in order to help subscribers gain some idea as to the overall scale of the businesses that have been put into administration.


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