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What does “business in administration” mean?

Financial difficulties can lead to a company being placed into administration. Once in administration, the company, along with its affairs and assets, are managed by an administrator; a licensed insolvency practitioner. Depending on the situation they may sell all or part of the business as a going concern, or sell off the assets, or the business may have to be closed down. One key goal for the administrators is to repay any secured creditors. There is a very good chance that the company in administration continues in one form or another.

Latest Administration Listings

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Type of Business Region Total Fixed Assets Date Published
Business Services - Financial ServicesLondon - 22/06/2018
WholesaleSouth West £15,910 22/06/2018
Pet Supplies WholesalerEast of England £420,839 22/06/2018
Landscape ServicesNorth East £100,857 22/06/2018
Fitness FacilitiesNorth West £1,264,526 22/06/2018
Operation of warehousing and storage facilities for land transport activitiesEast of England £8,489 22/06/2018
Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous wasteWest Midlands £187,758 22/06/2018
Freight transport by roadNorth East £378,594 22/06/2018
Activities of other holding companies not elsewhere classifiedSouth East £100 21/06/2018
Retail sale via mail order houses or via internetLondon £59,501 21/06/2018
Photographic activities not elsewhere classifiedSouth East £1,856,431 21/06/2018
Photographic activities not elsewhere classifiedSouth East £704,181 21/06/2018
Car valeting and other cleaning servicesSouth East £38,674 21/06/2018
Manufacture of other Transport EquipmentWest Midlands £304,712 21/06/2018
businessNatureregion - 20/06/2018
Freight transport by roadSouth East £126,800 20/06/2018
Holding companySouth West £547,638 20/06/2018
Website Development and Digital MarketingSouth East £1,511,830 20/06/2018
Media Representation ServicesSouth East £5,955 20/06/2018
SolicitorsLondon £772,089 20/06/2018
Real estate agency London £57,824 20/06/2018
Mobile and e-commerce technology servicesLondon £1,596,788 19/06/2018
Retail - General RetailersSouth East £280,576 19/06/2018
Other human health activitiesSouth East - 19/06/2018
Manufacturers of BeerEast Midlands £436,466 19/06/2018
Manufacture of other fabricated metal products not elsewhere classifiedWales £596,138 15/06/2018
Other activities of employment placement agenciesNorth West £936 15/06/2018
Highway maintenanceSouth East £273,547 15/06/2018
Independent specialist fire suppression engineering servicesNorth West £1,046,686 15/06/2018
Medical Nursing Home ActivitiesSouth East £85,922,000 15/06/2018
Amusement and recreation activitiesEast Midlands £417,764 15/06/2018
Financial intermediation not elsewhere classifiedLondon - 15/06/2018
Post-harvest crop activitiesEast of England £3,052,783 14/06/2018
Retail sale of clothingNorth West £1,331,115 14/06/2018
Buying and selling of own real estateNorth West - 14/06/2018
Holding CompanyEast Midlands £14,355,522 14/06/2018
Retail sale of clothingNorth West £1,352,481 14/06/2018
Non-specialised wholesale tradeSouth East £12,483 13/06/2018
Buyer and retailer of second hand goodsSouth East - 13/06/2018
Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboardLondon £229,602 13/06/2018
Retail and Mail Order RetailingYorkshire and the Humber £41,398,000 13/06/2018
TaxisNorth East £576,323 13/06/2018
IND Business Services: Human Resources & EmploymentEast Midlands £1,327 13/06/2018
Freight Transport by RoadWest Midlands - 13/06/2018
Sofa retailerLondon £1,829,947 12/06/2018
Freight transport by roadNorth West £392,315 12/06/2018
Freight transport by roadNorth West £303,564 12/06/2018
Other business support service activities not elsewhere classifiedSouth West £99 12/06/2018
Light engineeringSouth East £1,293,676 12/06/2018
Bar/RestaurantLondon - 12/06/2018
* The financial figures shown are those last reported at Companies House. It is not compulsory for businesses to report all financial figures so we have only included figures available to us. The figures are unlikely to be an accurate reflection of the companies current status due to the nature of insolvency. The purpose of including this information is in order to help subscribers gain some idea as to the overall scale of the businesses that have been put into administration.