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What does “business in administration” mean?

Financial difficulties can lead to a company being placed into administration. Once in administration, the company, along with its affairs and assets, are managed by an administrator; a licensed insolvency practitioner. Depending on the situation they may sell all or part of the business as a going concern, or sell off the assets, or the business may have to be closed down. One key goal for the administrators is to repay any secured creditors. There is a very good chance that the company in administration continues in one form or another.

Latest Administration Listings

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Type of Business Region Total Fixed Assets Date Published
Advertising agencyLondon £14,256 18/08/2017
Haulage and logisticsEast of England £4,188,537 18/08/2017
Security Systems Service ActivitiesSouth West £260,008 18/08/2017
Tax ConsultancyYorkshire and the Humber £27,628 18/08/2017
Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetablesSouth East £7,946,548 17/08/2017
Financial IntermediationNorth West £42,692,000 16/08/2017
General and Specialist HaulierYorkshire and the Humber £106,461 16/08/2017
MachineryYorkshire and the Humber £17,913 16/08/2017
Residential Care ServicesLondon - 16/08/2017
Steam and air conditioning supply, Electrical installation, Plumbing heat and air-conditioning installation, Other business support service activities not elsewhere classifiedNorth West £44,909 16/08/2017
Property developerNorth West - 16/08/2017
Other construction installationNorth West £44,552 16/08/2017
General and specialist haulierYorkshire and the Humber - 16/08/2017
Performing artsWest Midlands £38,083 15/08/2017
Motion picture distribution activitiesEast of England £107,094,000 15/08/2017
Other special trades constructionYorkshire and the Humber - 15/08/2017
Residential care activities for the elderly and disabledSouth East £388,664 15/08/2017
Metal FabricationWest Midlands £263,725 14/08/2017
Wholesale of clothing and footwear and retail sale of clothing in specialised stores - 14/08/2017
Other information technology service activitiesLondon £15,045 14/08/2017
Retail shop and online sale of beads, accessories for jewellery makingSouth East £12,786 14/08/2017
Construction - Building MaterialsNorth West £12,859 14/08/2017
Maintenance and Repair of Motor VehiclesNorth West £90,959 14/08/2017
CR Retail: Sale of hardware, paints and glass in specialised storesLondon £3,751,492 11/08/2017
Production of Electricity & GasSouth East £7,871,815 11/08/2017
Recruitment AgencyLondon £92,077 11/08/2017
Business and domestic software developmentLondon £2,425,908 11/08/2017
Design and manufacture of fabricated and pressed steel componentsWest Midlands £30,241 11/08/2017
Retail trade, except of motor vechicles and motorcycles; Repair of personal and household goods.East Midlands £242,848 10/08/2017
Supplier of wedding and bridesmaids dressesNorth East - 09/08/2017
Private security activitiesEast Midlands £1,036,392 09/08/2017
Public house & BarLondon - 09/08/2017
Holding CompanyLondon £143,371,249 08/08/2017
Buying and selling of own real estateLondon £14,136,516 08/08/2017
Manufacture and sale of perfumeNorth West £600 08/08/2017
Electrical, heating & ventilation installation & maintenanceNorth West £206,568 08/08/2017
Holding CompanyNorth West £2,100,000 08/08/2017
Others - Not ReportedSouth East £1,370,584 08/08/2017
* The financial figures shown are those last reported at Companies House. It is not compulsory for businesses to report all financial figures so we have only included figures available to us. The figures are unlikely to be an accurate reflection of the companies current status due to the nature of insolvency. The purpose of including this information is in order to help subscribers gain some idea as to the overall scale of the businesses that have been put into administration.