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Below are abbreviated listings of businesses that have recently been put into administration or administrative receivership. You can search the results from the last 60 days below. Today's businesses in administration are being input and will be emailed out to subscribers in the late afternoon or early evening. We keep information on our administrations database for two years from the appointment date. Not only do we list all businesses that go into administration, but we are also in contact with a number of insolvency practitioners who list distressed businesses through our service directly.

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Type of Business Region Total Fixed Assets Date Published
Public houses and barsEast of England £3,150 26/02/2015
Employment placement agenciesWest Midlands £47,374 25/02/2015
Manufacture of Plastic ComponentsLondon - 25/02/2015
Specialist Engineers of Road Rail VehiclesWales £69,008 25/02/2015
Licensed restaurantsNorth East - 25/02/2015
Manufacture of Plastic ComponentsLondon £243,718 25/02/2015
Motion picture film effects and facilitiesLondon £896,001 25/02/2015
Construction - Building ConstructionNorth West £225,198 25/02/2015
Advertising & Marketing AgencySouth East £5,444,594 25/02/2015
Manufacture and wholesale of household goodsNorth West £402,480 25/02/2015
Construction - Building ConstructionNorth West £7,526 25/02/2015
Cold drawing of wireNorth East £1,323,788 24/02/2015
Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparationsEast Midlands £250 24/02/2015
Holding CompanyCentral London £1,350,000 24/02/2015
Non-trading - 24/02/2015
Business ServicesNorth East £895,003 24/02/2015
Other professional scientific and technical activitiesCentral London £16,598 24/02/2015
Private security activitiesCentral London £910,000 24/02/2015
Temporary employment agencyCentral London - 24/02/2015
Sale of Medical DevicesNorth West - 23/02/2015
Manufacture of FurnitureNorth East £788,042 23/02/2015
Freight transport by roadWest Midlands - 23/02/2015
Other building installationSouth East £22,867 23/02/2015
Development of building projectsNorth East - 23/02/2015
Other Service ActivitiesSouth East £16,624 23/02/2015
Care HomeEast Midlands £41,758 23/02/2015
AgricultureNorth West £123,440 23/02/2015
Food manufacturing and retail outletsCentral London £476,891 23/02/2015
Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous wasteSouth West £8,251 23/02/2015
Freight TransportSouth West £23,048 23/02/2015
Care home operatorEast Anglia £1,037,089 23/02/2015
NightclubWest Midlands £172,085 20/02/2015
On-Line Gift ShopLondon £1,822,106 20/02/2015
Scaffold erectionSouth West £246,391 20/02/2015
Electrical ContractorsWest Midlands £13,441 20/02/2015
Maintenance of commercial vehiclesNorth West - 20/02/2015
Manufacture Metal Structures & PartsScotland £734,643 19/02/2015
Renting and Leasing of gaming and lottery machinesNorth West £1,240,802 19/02/2015
Management of Real EstateYorkshire and the Humber £59,297 19/02/2015
ShopfittersYorkshire and the Humber £4,500 19/02/2015
Non Trading holding companyNorth West £26,658,000 19/02/2015
Joinery InstallationsSouth East £12,375 19/02/2015
Renting and leasing of gaming and lottery machinesNorth West £23,768,817 19/02/2015
Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcyclesSouth West - 19/02/2015
Telecommunications activitiesLondon £250,000 19/02/2015
IT Services ProviderYorkshire and the Humber £6,435 19/02/2015
Non-tradingSouth East - 19/02/2015
Non-tradingSouth East - 19/02/2015
Non-trading investment holding companyNorth West £480,824 19/02/2015
Printing EngineersLondon £103,910 19/02/2015
Non-tradingSouth East - 19/02/2015
Publishers and manufacturers of greeting cards and party goodsYorkshire and the Humber £225,271 17/02/2015
Provision of IT Services for the Marine IndustryEast Midlands £13,560 17/02/2015
HotelSouth West £1,874,168 17/02/2015
Night ClubLondon £314,426 17/02/2015
Manufacture of other plastic productsNorth West £86,033 17/02/2015
Manufacture of Precision Aerospace ComponentsWest Midlands £963,802 17/02/2015
Leisure Club & Camping & Caravan SiteSouth West £274,719 17/02/2015
Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning InstallationEast Midlands £652,659 16/02/2015
EngineeringLondon £40,610 16/02/2015
Manufacturing and servicing weighing systemsYorkshire and the Humber £119,224 16/02/2015
HotelNorth West - 16/02/2015
Labour RecruitmentNorth West £2,883 16/02/2015

* The financial figures shown are those last reported at Companies House. It is not compulsory for businesses to report all financial figures so we have only included figures available to us. The figures are unlikely to be an accurate reflection of the companies current status due to the nature of insolvency. The purpose of including this information is in order to help subscribers gain some idea as to the overall scale of the businesses that have been put into administration.


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