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The listings below are provided by, with the exception of the last listing, which delivers deals to high net worth individuals, funds, ‘business angels’ and others seeking out investment opportunities in small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) at all stages of the growth cycle from start-up to pre-IPO. 
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Timber Frame lodges business seeks

Fork lift truck supplier seeks

New media business needs of equity for 49% of business

A new media business is organising an annual global media campaign for a charitable client that will involve all media – TV, radio, print, web, mobile, retail and live events. The business has a ten-year contract with this client to manage and produce the campaign and its media products. The firm plans to seek a trade sale or IPO in year 4. The yearly campaign will attract an audience of 9 million in the first year and will grow to 30 million in the tenth year. Previous large global media events undertaken by the producing team had an audience of 400m-600m. The business is seeking an investment of US$35m, $15m of equity and $20m of short-term debt. The investment would provide a 49% shareholding in the business.

Materials technology group seeks

A leading advanced materials technology group that specialises in the manufacture of Aluminum Matrix Composites, which provide 60% savings in comparison to Steel, yet is twice as strong as Aluminum Alloys. This is leading technology in a UK Government priority classified area.

Prepainted steel business seeks

Mobile phone developer looking for

Financial Software business wants to raise

Interactive mobile media applications business looking for capital injection.

Mini global tracking device developer needs funding

Film and video portal has funding requirement of

Golf brand franchise seeking

Wimax network operator seeks early stage funding of

Investment Opportunity

We are a Property and Land Investment company based in Barbican, City of
London. We offer a list of products and services to build all of our clients wealth

All of our portfolio managers work closely with our research and development
team to offer our clients the highest ROI in the market. Our speciality lies in using our expertise to build our clients a long term portfolio which best suits their needs. We do this by placing the most stringent selection criteria on all
developments we consider before offering them to our clients.

Business Opportunity

The best way we have found (after years of collective trial and error
experience) is direct response marketing.

Web banners, newspaper ads and bulk email campaigns are simply too

nothing close to a guarantee when it comes to results.

On the other hand direct response marketing gives consistent results
provided one follows a specific formula.

We have developed some of the best contacts in the industry when it comes to

We can acquire data that is absolutely specific to our requirements, for

pre determined net worth as well as an approximate amount of immediately
disposable capital.

Additionally we can request to know what type of investment history they
have and whether or not they are cautious or speculative in their investment

All this information is gleaned by our tried trusted research team, to whom
we sub contract to conduct financial lifestyle surveys on initially raw

How It Works

It is estimated that to acquire just 5000 records of the calibre mentioned
above, that 45,000 to 50,000 calls would have to have been made!

The good thing is that the quality of that data is excellent and we can also
request that these people are pre-framed to receive a call from an associate
marketing company to hear about some opportunity within the sphere of
alternative investments, and in particular land and property!

Returning to the opportunity to hand, we are seeking the involvement of a
finite number of clients to participate in a rollover-marketing program.

Healthy Returns

Typically we would be prepared to offer over a period of 3 months a return
of 20% on monies entered into a program conducting types of marketing
activities mentioned above.

After the successful conclusion of a program the opportunity to roll out

conversely, you the client get to participate in something extremely short
term which offers a healthy profit and probably far outweighs anything you
may receive for the same type of funds on short term deposit etc.

For more information please contact  Ashley at ashlee(at)

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