The Business Sale Report is the UK's leading, independent business for sale research service, established in 1995.

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Take a look below at some of the most frequently asked questions about our service. We have helped thousands of people research the market to find great acquisition opportunities not available elsewhere.

The Business Sale Report is the UK's leading, independent businesses for sale research service. We provide an online and printed listing of businesses for sale in the UK, specialising in mid-market businesses.

Our dedicated research team search the length and breadth of the UK for the latest businesses for sale. As a subscriber, you also have full access (with free optional alerts) to all businesses that have been placed into administration, liquidation or have had a winding-up petition lodged against them. We provide our subscribers with a constant stream of business acquisition opportunities over the period of their subscription.

No we are not business brokers. We donít take part in, or profit from, the sale of any of the opportunities we list. We are independent researchers committed to searching the market for prospective acquisition opportunities for our subscribers and advising them throughout their subscription.

We have helped thousands of people capitalise on mid-market acquisitions and distressed business opportunities. Our subscribers are always on the hunt for the right opportunities suited to their individual needs and range from people looking for a fresh start and entrepreneurs to property developers and large corporations. Below is a list of some of the types of people who use our service.

Business owners / directors
Monitoring the market for acquisition prospects within their industry that may offer growth potential to their existing business or offer complementary services. They use our service to look for competitors for sale or in distress so that they can purchase assets such as client banks, patents or machinery.

Entrepreneurs use the intelligence that we provide to find interesting new acquisition opportunities. They monitor the distressed alerts for businesses they think they can turn around, or from which they can buy assets, for example client banks or property.

Accountants often find the Business Sale Report a cost effective way to monitor multiple acquisition opportunities at once, using our daily research to help inform them of market activity which they then use to better advise their clients or help them find acquisition opportunities.

Investors / private equity groups
Investors of all sizes, based both in the UK and internationally, have been using our services for years. Monitoring various acquisition opportunities and targeting those prospects that they feel will offer a good return on their investment.

Our service is ideal for anyone looking for great acquisition opportunities - from businesses for sale to the latest distressed business opportunities - get all the information you need in one place.

Other than our standard subscription charge, we do not charge any additional fees or ask for any money for successfully finding you a business to buy.

We do offer a range of additional packages you can upgrade to should you require a more dedicated level service or if you have a niche acquisition requirement that may require a more bespoke approach.

Find out more about our advanced search service

As a subscriber you will receive access to the subscriber' section of our website and the monthly printed concise Business Sale Report, which details the latest businesses added to our database. When you subscribe you will be sent a username and password by email - this gives you access to the subscribers' section of the website. Once logged in, you will have access to the following:

  • Direct contact details for all businesses for sale (or their agents).
  • Additional search filters so you can find businesses for sale by region, county or turnover.
  • View and search the latest businesses in administration and view the direct contact details of the insolvency practitioner/s appointed.
  • View and search the latest businesses in liquidation and view the direct contact details of the insolvency practitioner appointed.
  • View and search the latest businesses with winding-up petitions lodged against them.
  • The ability to post a free business wanted listing. This allows you to submit your requirements for desired businesses and have owners make contact with you directly.
  • Access to our extensive list of guides and resources.
  • Access to the digital edition of our monthly report.
  • Access to the 'on the market' section, which contains information and commentary from the press and marketplace on large businesses for sale and proposed divestments of non-core divisions or subsidiaries.

You can also choose to receive:

  • Daily email alerts for the latest businesses for sale.
  • Daily email alerts for the latest businesses in administration.
  • Daily email alerts for the latest businesses in liquidation.
  • Daily email alerts for the latest businesses with winding-up petitions lodged against them.
  • A free e-book copy of '1000 essential questions for successful Due Diligence' (worth £19.99).

You will also be asked to submit a brief detailing your requirements so our researchers can begin sourcing your relevant acquisition opportunities.

Click here to view some examples of the information we present to our subscribers through our daily email alerts and on our monthly publication. Some of the information presented will differ slightly depending on the various companies in question however the overall layout will remain the same throughout.

Once you subscribe your username and password for the website will be emailed to you straight away. You will be able to use these to login and access the subscriber-only features on the website. The latest copy of the Business Sale Report will be sent to you in the post with your receipted invoice.

Businesses for sale
When you subscribe you will have access to the direct contact details for all of our business for sale listings, so you can make contact directly with the seller or their representative. Sellers often provide additional information that is only available to subscribers.

We can only display the details that sellers provide to us. The sale of a company is often a very confidential process and the seller will sometimes feel that news of the sale may affect morale or trading levels. So, on occasion, you may be required to sign an NDA, provided by the vendor, to get more detailed information.

Distressed business
As a subscriber you will be able to search our database of distressed businesses and view extra information including the company name and registered office. For our administration and liquidation listings we provide contact details for the insolvency practitioner appointed to the business.

You can also gain access to company director information, full company accounts, and credit scores with our Business Data Plus package.

We have a short term monthly subscription package available for those who don't want to subscribe for a full year. As a monthly subscriber you will gain full access to subscriber-only content including seller contact details, distressed business listings and daily alert services.

Our monthly subscription has a minimum term of two months, you are then charged on a monthly basis and can cancel it at any point. The minimum two month term is so you get a proper chance to see how the service works and start to see the wealth of information that comes through on a daily basis.

For more details on our subscription packages please click here.

Due to the nature of the information we provide, we cannot offer any free trial access. However our monthly subscription package will allow you to test the service on a paid basis for 60 days.

Monthly subscription provides the full contact details of all of our business for sale listings as well as coverage of distressed opportunities. You can upgrade to a full annual subscription at any point. Alternatively, should you make an early acquisition or if your requirements change, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Unique service
The Business Sale Report is a unique service, listing businesses for sale and distressed business opportunities, and an extensive resources section to help you find the right acquisition.

Businesses for sale you won't find elsewhere
Other services and websites do not show the same range of businesses for sale, because they either charge a retainer or a listing fee. We don't charge a fee to vendors or vendors' agents, resulting in coverage of a far wider range of businesses, from thousands of sources. We also don't make any money from the sale of businesses listed on our site.

We include businesses from all business brokers, including the small niche brokers and corporate finance boutiques, as well as thousands of business owners. Some of these list their company sale opportunities with no one else apart from us. For subscribers, paying a modest subscription fee to see just about everything on the market in one place is exceedingly good value. Especially when considering the amount they are prepared to spend on a company purchase, and the importance of finding the right acquisition.

Dedicated research team
We have a dedicated research team that spends their days ferreting out just about every business that comes up for sale in the UK. We save our subscribers hundreds of hours of research, and each year tens of millions of pounds of deals are transacted as a result of meeting up via our service.

Distressed business opportunities
For people looking for distressed company opportunities, our business administration alert service is the best and most up-to-date available. On top of this, we have a news and resources section with hundreds of articles and tips covering every aspect of buying or selling a company and pointing to new opportunities in an ever changing market.

Our listings are checked regularly by our researchers. When we are made aware that a business has been sold or taken off the market we update our listings straight away. We do not list sold businesses as advertisements to draw people in, all of our listing represent real acquisition opportunities ready to be purchased.

We guarantee the quality of our database, please see below for more details.

Our businesses for sale listings come from a wide range of sources including: private sellers, business brokers, corporate finance boutiques, agents, financial advisers, accountants, legal advisers and insolvency practitioners.

We have been around since 1995, and in that time we have established strong relationships with almost everyone in the industry. Vendors and agents are not charged to list their businesses on our website or publication, so our listings are truly comprehensive and come from a wide range of sources. We also have a dedicated team of researchers who spend their time uncovering just about every business that comes up for sale in the UK.

To get the contact details for the business for sale listings or the businesses in administration you will need to be a subscriber. We provide a research service for buyers looking for acquisition opportunities. The contact details for all of the businesses for sale are only provided to our subscribers to ensure the sellers only receive high quality leads. Additionally it is free to list with us, resulting in a wider range of listings, and we don't make any money from the sale of any businesses listed with us. Our service is focused on sourcing acquisition opportunities for our subscribers.

If you have found a business or businesses that you are interested in and would like further details we recommend that you subscribe to the service. You will receive the direct contact details for the business for sale (or their agent) and all the other businesses listed with us.

The reason we list more unique business opportunities than anyone else is because our sellers know that we do not give their details out to everyone who enquires, they know that all the leads they get from our listings are from serious buyers.

You will need to subscribe to the Report. We provide an ongoing service, committed to researching the market for prospective acquisitions and continually supply our subscribers with opportunities they would not find elsewhere.

We have a short term monthly subscription package available for those who don't want to subscribe for a full year. Click here for more information.

If there is a particular business you are interested in, your subscription will not only give you access to further details of the business, and all the other businesses listed with us, but will ensure that our researchers begin actively looking for similar businesses on your behalf.

We guarantee the quality of our database. New listings are added every day and businesses are not kept on the database longer than 90 days, unless specifically requested by the vendor. If you identify a business on our list that has been sold (businesses in administration excluded) within the first 7 days of your subscription we will refund you in full.

We provide an ongoing service focused on delivering our subscribers with the latest acquisition related opportunities on the market, we would recommend that as a subscriber you continually monitor our resources for new businesses for sale, as great opportunities come through every day.