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Welcome to the technology businesses for sale section of the Business Sale Report. On this page, you will find a list of the most recently added businesses.

As you can see from the list below we include businesses involved in websites/ecommerce, software sales, hardware sales, telecommunications, networks, and computer training.

When considering a purchase of a technology business there are a few important factors that may need to be taken into account. These might include issues surrounding intellectual property rights and the retainment of key skilled IT staff.

As with all purchases, it is important to get good professional advice and warranties where possible. 

If you are interested in selling your technology business then you might be interested in our guide on how to sell a technology business.

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Software to Financial Sector
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £38,000 Location: South East
Specialises in software aimed at the finance departments of large companies. H...
IT Consultancy & Services
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £700,000 Location: London
Trading since 2011 with experienced team of industry experts and established reputation. Specialist in testing, infrastructure, project delivery and communications. Work-In-Progress and ongoing short term contracts. Office furniture and computer equipment. Leasehold premises. Please register your in...
ICT Infrastructure & Support
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £2,000,000 Location: South East
Leading ICT infrastructure and network provider, specialising in a range of installation and support services to clients from within the hospitality, retail, motor and educational sectors, nationwide. Designs, installs and maintains a varied and comprehensive portfolio of network products, including...
Bespoke Field Force Automation Solutions
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,130,000 Location: UK Wide
Provider of bespoke field force automation solutions, currently operating in up to 50 countries. Leading web, mobile device data collection, field management and reporting solution for all types of field activity including field sales, merchandising, mystery shopping, POS installation, demonstration...
VoIP Services
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £8,990,000 Location: Non-UK
Well-established telecom wholesale provider with direct routes in the Middle Eastern, European and African markets. It focuses on providing voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services to consumers in its selected market. Excellent relationships with suppliers and key industry members. Trailing twel...
IT Consultancy Business Analytics
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,360,000 Location: South East
Niche consultancy providing software implementation, support and training to a range of private and public sector organisations. The products offered are aimed at simplifying Business Analytics for large corporates. Clients benefit from a solid return on investment from these products. Adj. NP £510...
IT Solutions
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £4,800,000 Location: South East
Well-established and well-managed, it provides a comprehensive range of IT products and services to a quality client base. It is an accredited supplier of world-leading hardware and software vendors, offers value-added services including bespoke software and website development, as well as a full ra...
Innovative Software
Asking Price:  Turnover:   Location: UK Wide
A small, specialist software house that has designed and developed a unique and innovative, patent pending software solution aimed at the financial services market. After a strategic review, the shareholders realise that the company is not equipped to deal with the anticipated demand and feel that i...
IT Support
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £470,000 Location: London
IT support services with a range of long-standing, migratable IT support contracts. Varied client base typically 20+ users, mainly local to the business. Transferrable business platform. Two directors and two engineers. Bolt-on acquisition opportunity for added revenue and synergy cost savings. Owne...
IT Managed & Cloud Services
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,300,000 Location: South East
Provider of fully managed IT services and cloud-based solutions. Microsoft 365 and Azure Migrations, hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM, managed hosting, software (SaaS) delivery, and managed support services. Sixty-five clients from a variety of sectors, averaging 20 endusers. Forecast £1.1m revenue in...
Outsourced IT Provider
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,542,000 Location: London
Established outsourced IT provider offering a range of services, including IT support, consultancy, equipment sales and disaster recovery, serving UK alternative investment companies and private wealth management companies. Well-established, well known and well respected brand within its market. Loy...
Scientific Services
Asking Price: £750,000 Turnover:  £1,000,000 Location: UK Wide
Providing scientific services to engineering sectors. Consultancy, testing, training, equipment sales, and R&D. Established and profitable company operating in several engineering sectors, mainly aeronautical though development work will bring in more oil/gas and other heavy engineering. Freehold pr...
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £523,880 Location: East of England
Established in 1996, it is a fixed line telecoms operator providing socialist telecoms services. The services include: voicemail, teleconferencing, number translation and custom IVR solutions. It is a network operator and can operate its own number ranges....
IT & Cloud Services
Asking Price:  Turnover:   Location: Non-UK
Cloud service provider and developer of the patented cloud platform used by large and small software companies worldwide. Opportunity is to work with two founders of the modern day cloud (named ASP in the late 1990s) as now having developed a third iteration of their 16 year Intellectual Property ar...
Cloud Computing
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £4,000,000 Location: UK Wide
Specialist cloud computing facilitator and reseller of an extensive range of IT solutions such as system management, virtualisation, business continuity, storage and security, it is also recognised as a UK government-accredited cloud service provider. Fully relocatable. Market leader, providing spec...
Managed IT Services
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £5,730,000 Location: Non-UK
A comprehensive provider of information technology products and services to government entities and the private sector. $2 million pipeline related to IT rental contracts secured through 2019. Approximately 90% renewal rate for IT rental contracts. Experienced management team in place. Website is se...
Technology Services
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £3,000,000 Location: London
Development and provision of SMS technology and services. Mobile engagement platform to automate customer service. Blue-chip customer base in the retail banking, telecoms and utilities sectors. Contracted recurring revenue of £68k/month. Average recurring variable transactions of £21k/month. Offer...
Software Development
Asking Price: £150,000 Turnover:  £80,000 Location: South East
Formed in 1995 to automate the production of digital and printed catalogues, it has worked with major organisations including multinationals. A major rewrite now allows SaaS, improved automation, multiple languages and geographical freedom. Handles B2B and B2C catalogues up to 2,000 pages containing...
Software Solutions Provider
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,200,000 Location: South West
Software integration and solutions provider including safety-related systems to OEM and endusers in the railway, highway, avionics, payment systems automotive and defence sectors. A retirement sale but with the younger directors wishing to remain with the business. Huge scope to increase turnover, p...
Water Care Technology
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £2,286,000 Location: East Midlands
Well-established and family run, it manufactures electronic water conditioners in the UK, which remove and prevent the build-up of limescale. Well positioned in a unique market. The company owns significant patents. GP £1.373m....

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Why are technology companies so popular?

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West Midlands
A very small specialist manufacturing company supplying products to a specialist industrial sector; the company has a very small market share with a huge potential for growth and profit.
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