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Welcome to the technology businesses for sale section of the Business Sale Report. On this page, you will find a list of the most recently added businesses.

As you can see from the list below we include businesses involved in websites/ecommerce, software sales, hardware sales, telecommunications, networks, and computer training.

When considering a purchase of a technology business there are a few important factors that may need to be taken into account. These might include issues surrounding intellectual property rights and the retainment of key skilled IT staff.

As with all purchases, it is important to get good professional advice and warranties where possible. 

If you are interested in selling your technology business then you might be interested in our guide on how to sell a technology business.

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Water Care Technology
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £2,286,000 Location: East Midlands
Well-established and family run, it manufactures electronic water conditioners in the UK, which remove and prevent the build-up of limescale. Well positioned in a unique market. The company owns significant patents. GP £1.373m....
Security Systems
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,800,000 Location: UK Wide
Distributor of security systems used for high security sites for major UK organisations with access to some of the world's most advanced security products, together with a security systems integration company with a proven track record of integration of complex integrated security systems. NP £375k...
Industrial Computing Technology
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £4,500,000 Location: South East
One of the most respected manufacturers, technical distributors, and system integrators in the UK. It is a market leader in core computing technology hardware and software including communication platforms, GPS, CPU cards and data acquisition; primarily operating within defence, transport, governmen...
Data Recovery Software
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,530,000 Location: Non-UK
A premier developer and distributor of proprietary trademarked data recovery software products for file and data recovery, and data availability products for businesses and consumers. High level of industry experience and expertise. Up-to-date with new hardware and software products on the market, c...
Computer Networking Equipment
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £2,500,000 Location: North East
Importer, distributor, brand owner and online retailer of computer networking hardware, specialising in Wi-Fi, HomePlug and outdoor communication products with a loyal reseller customer base operating within the IT sales and support markets. Strong online platform, development and maintained in-hous...
Business Management Software
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £2,390,000 Location: UK Wide
Software development specialist offering a vertical market application for the service management industry. Solutions comprise both office software and mobile engineer software. Multiple revenue streams including sale, lease and rental of software alongside software support, training and report writ...
Mobile Apps Development
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £900,000 Location: Non-UK
Mobile applications (apps) developer specialising in iOS and Android platforms. In addition, it offers consulting services, app logos designs and branding services. Strong presence on search engines. Established brand on app stores. Revenue expected to increase 20% - 30% in 2014. High quality servic...
IT/Specialised Electronic Discovery
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £62,400,000 Location: Non-UK
Provides secure server environments which allow auditors, law firms and regulatory agencies to review financial records in their native format running in a proprietary system. Debt free. Proprietary secure server environment. Averaged 55% net profit margins over the last three years. Long-term clien...
Global Technology Services
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £3,000,000 Location: UK Wide
Niche technology services provider with large international clients, with both clients and contracts increasing in size all the time. Plenty of scope for growth. Three new global framework agreements this year plus another and a US Government contract. Offers invited for 100% of shares....
Specialist IT Security
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £5,900,000 Location: UK Wide
Accredited reseller of IT security solutions and services. With over 14 years of experience, the company has established itself as a profitable and prominent presence in this dynamic and competitive sector. Its UK customer base is derived from a wide range of vertical industries and geographical reg...
IT Support
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £2,300,000 Location: South East
A well-established IT infrastructure support business, primarily serving SMEs. Provides both remote and on-site support plus a number of associated services. Approx. 90 clients and c.£700k contracted recurring revenues. Attractive bolt-on for larger support businesses or those primarily in e.g. tel...
IT Repairs & Sales
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £345,000 Location: South East
Repairs and servicing for Apple and Windows products to consumer and commercial companies, with no reliance on any key customers. Established for 28 years. Two locations inside the M25. Majority of work from referral or repeat customers. Run under staff management, with no day-to-day owner involveme...
Software (SaaS)
Asking Price: £500,000 Turnover:  £250,000 Location: London
It has developed a unique and innovative software solution, which it has been selling to government/private clients. The product enjoys a distinct niche position in the business segment it addresses. The healthcare solutions is based on an SaaS model with a yearly subscription payment and all its cl...
Wind Turbine
Asking Price: - Turnover:  - Location: UK Wide
Industry leader in the development of two-bladed turbine technology established in 2010. Setting new standards for performance and wind farm economics. Targeting primarily offshore deployment. Seven international patents filed. A swift sale is being sought....
Digital Signage
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,980,000 Location: UK Wide
Digital signage solution provider serving clients across a number of industries including bookmakers, schools, hospitals, local governments and other large institutions. Multiple income streams and skill set. Self-sufficient infrastructure. Strong blue-chip client base, predominantly within the book...
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £4,330,000 Location: Non-UK
Provides a wide range of equipment installation and commissioning services to wireless telecommunications operators. Reputable client base. Business conducted in approximately 19 countries. Over 30 years of combined key management industry experience. Caters to a growing industry. Seasoned staff. Ap...
IT & Telecommunications
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £570,000 Location: UK Wide
IT and telecommunications supplier and maintainer. Cisco, Unify and Mitel authorised company. Strong growth. Recurring service and license income. Over 50 repeat clients with many blue-chip companies. Adj. NP £220k. Offers invited....
Software Development
Asking Price: - Turnover:  - Location: UK Wide
Established software development team providing management information systems (MiS) in the UK and Europe with a special focus on education. Embedded provider with substantial and loyal client base in the prep and independent market. Profitable, debt-free company with contracted recurring revenue - ...
eCommerce Software
Asking Price: - Turnover:  - Location: UK Wide
Ecommerce software provider with blue-chip global customer base and dependable recurring revenue. Java-based technology and proven successful system. Low staff numbers and easily relocatable. Year-on-year growth (average 100%/yr for 6 years). Significant potential for growth. EBITDA c £600k....
Software Development
Asking Price: - Turnover:  - Location: UK Wide
Industry leading software developer specialising in image, automation and management services as well as a distributor of leading robotic hardware for photographic solutions. Expert in 360 degree, multi row, still and video imagery solutions. Industry leader in studio automation and management info...

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Why are technology companies so popular?

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