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Welcome to the technology businesses for sale section of the Business Sale Report. On this page, you will find a list of the most recently added businesses.

As you can see from the list below we include businesses involved in websites/ecommerce, software sales, hardware sales, telecommunications, networks, and computer training.

When considering a purchase of a technology business there are a few important factors that may need to be taken into account. These might include issues surrounding intellectual property rights and the retainment of key skilled IT staff.

As with all purchases, it is important to get good professional advice and warranties where possible. 

If you are interested in selling your technology business then you might be interested in our guide on how to sell a technology business.

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Electronic Assembly - Technology - South West
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £700,000 Location: South West
Long-established subcontract electronic assembly company supplying on a just-in-time basis to customers in aerospace, military, and medical equipment sectors across the South of England. Niche expertise for design, hand and machine assembly, winding, machining and finishing where production quantiti...
Standby Power Solutions - Technology - South England
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £4,000,000 Location: UK Wide
Supply, installation and maintenance for standby power equipment, protecting critical systems, such as IT data centres, from power cuts and energy fluctuations. Ability to develop tailored standby power systems and offers a range of service and support products. High levels of repeat business with e...
Telecommunications Consultancy - Technology - UK
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £2,335,000 Location: UK Wide
Telecommunications consultancy, systems integrator and services company providing strategic consultancy, testing, management and contact centre services to a number of high profile clients. Provides innovative solutions as well as adding value to existing systems focused on contact centre and unifie...
IT Support & Telecoms - Technology - East Midlands
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £677,000 Location: East Midlands
Specialises in broadband, telecoms and cloud services. Over 90 clients on one/three-year contracts, predominantly from professional services sector. Solid branding and website. Potential strategic bolt-on for an existing IT/telecoms company. The owners are radically changing direction, and will supp...
Mobile/Smart Phone App Development - Technology - Wales
Asking Price: £180,000 Turnover:  £140,000 Location: Wales
A young and dynamic app development agency that builds innovative, bespoke and native smartphone applications. The company was set up just over four years ago having more recently become Limited. Whilst still young the business is currently enjoying strong growth and increased volumes of direct enqu...
CRM & SAAS - Technology - North West England
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £680,000 Location: North West
CRM application developer and SAAS provider. Founded in 2003. The product is a graphical tool to create logic-driven user interfaces for contact centres and other user interaction ie web self-service. International blue-chip contracts (financial services, government, health). Excellent customer rete...
IT Support & Maintenance - Technology - Stansted
Asking Price: £95,000 Turnover:  £500,000 Location: East of England
IT support company specialising in government, commercial and retail (household names and blue-chip). ISO9000 accredited, and has been trading for 25 years. Regular income from £200k+ support contracts, annually renewable, minimum period of one year, with a mean contract life of eight years+. Speci...
IT Software & Support Services - Technology - UK
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £615,000 Location: UK Wide
Development and provision of specialist manufacturing software, in addition to software support, training services and consultancy. Comprehensive product range including production control, job scheduling, quality management and shop floor data capture software. Operates across a variety of sectors ...
IT Hardware - Technology - UK
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,345,000 Location: UK Wide
A leading third-party hardware maintenance company providing mission-critical, white label, IT hardware maintenance to other resellers in the marketplace. Three operations split across the UK, Ireland and Scotland to enable dedicated service level agreement time for all customers. Reseller and manuf...
IT Service & Support - Technology - Essex
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,300,000 Location: East of England
Well-established and highly regarded provider of computer systems and services. Established for over 20 years, it provides fully managed IT support services and solutions, cloud and hosted services, local and online data backup and disaster recovery business continuity and network security....
IT Solutions for Ticketing - Technology - UK
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £260,000 Location: UK Wide
Specialises in IT solutions for ticketing, ecommerce, access control and kiosk systems. The key attraction and value of the company lies in the IPR of the browser-based enterprise platform that they have developed. The system has been designed around three cornerstones: being easy to use, extensive ...
Turnkey IT Solutions - Technology - South East
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £4,300,000 Location: South East
A well-established and well-managed company providing a comprehensive range of IT products and services to a quality client base. It is an accredited supplier of world-leading hardware and software vendors, offers value added services including bespoke software and website development, as well as a ...
Mobile Payment Platform - Technology - UK
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £7,490,000 Location: UK Wide
Fully integrated, adaptable, mobile payment platform utilising frictionless payment software to monetise online skill-based games. Bespoke software incorporating micro-billing functionality to offer scalable customer conversion advertisements. Adaptable software applicable to multiple devices. Acts ...
Tourism Technology - Technology - UK
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £2,700,000 Location: UK Wide
A well-established and profitable market leader in its field, Project Polo is engaged in using technology to increase tourism business in the UK, utilising the web, social media and print....
Mobile Gaming Development - Technology - UK
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £660,000 Location: UK Wide
Generates advertising revenue through the development of free and paid downloadable game apps, available primarily on Apple iOS (The App Store). A group of companies have been created to enable the rapid development of a high volume of apps. This has resulted in a significant portfolio of income gen...
IT Support - Technology - Hertfordshire
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £2,300,000 Location: East of England
IT Support to the hospitality sector. Established in 2004. It provides IT support services to restaurant groups, hotels and other FnB type outlets....
Telephone Software - Technology - South East
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £500,000 Location: South East
Software is used in servers to process telephone calls and for office activities like billing customers and processing company orders. Established in 2006. Large contract in place with the Irish Lottery....
IT Solutions - Technology - UK
Asking Price:  Turnover:   Location: UK Wide
Well-established, profitable IT solutions company offering b2b services for all IT-related requirements including software, web development and engineering services. The company is well financed with net assets of approx. £1 million, including a substantial net cash position. Adjusted pretax Profit...
Bespoke EPOS Systems Software - Technology - Greater Manchester
Asking Price: £450,000 Turnover:  £430,000 Location: North West
This very well established and respected software company has been providing customers with bespoke and tailored EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system solutions for circa 20 years. In that time the business has carved out a superb reputation as an innovative and knowledge based organisation. The co...
IT Managed Service - Technology - South East
Asking Price:  Turnover:  £1,500,000 Location: South East
Designs, installs and maintains bespoke, fully scalable IT solutions for small to medium-sized companies with sites mainly in the UK. High levels of ongoing repeat business. Client retention almost 100%. Positioned for easy relocation and integration. Adj. EBITDA of £340k. Offers are invited for 10...

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