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Welcome to the technology businesses for sale section of the Business Sale Report. On this page, you will find a list of the most recently added businesses.

As you can see from the list below we include businesses involved in websites/ecommerce, software sales, hardware sales, telecommunications, networks, and computer training.

When considering a purchase of a technology business there are a few important factors that may need to be taken into account. These might include issues surrounding intellectual property rights and the retainment of key skilled IT staff.

As with all purchases, it is important to get good professional advice and warranties where possible. 

If you are interested in selling your technology business then you might be interested in our guide on how to sell a technology business.

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IT & Telecommunications
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £570,000 Location: UK Wide
IT and telecommunications supplier and maintainer. Cisco, Unify and Mitel authorised company. Strong growth. Recurring service and license income. Over 50 repeat clients with many blue-chip companies. Adj. NP £220k. Offers invited....
Software Development
Asking Price: - Turnover:  - Location: UK Wide
Established software development team providing management information systems (MiS) in UK and Europe with special focus on education. Embedded provider with substantial and loyal client base in Prep and Independent market. Profitable debt free company with contracted recurring revenue - visible pip...
eCommerce Software
Asking Price: - Turnover:  - Location: UK Wide
Ecommerce software provider with blue-chip global customer base and dependable recurring revenue. Java-based technology and proven successful system. Low staff numbers and easily relocatable. Year-on-year growth (average 100%/yr for 6 years). Significant potential for growth. EBITDA c £600k....
Software Development
Asking Price: - Turnover:  - Location: UK Wide
Industry leading software developer specialising in image, automation and management services as well as a distributor of leading robotic hardware for photographic solutions. Expert in 360 degree, multi row, still and video imagery solutions. Industry leader in studio automation and management info...
E-Learning Technology
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £7,175,000 Location: Non-UK
A leading e-learning technology company specialising in content creation, business process outsourcing, and mobile applications. 95% of sales are based on repeat business. Long-term master service agreements with Fortune 500 companies. International operations in Malaysia. Scalable business model. V...
Telecommunications Contractor
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £17,875,000 Location: Non-UK
Provides turnkey fiber telecommunication services including emergency fiber restoration, fiber maintenance, new fiber design and installation. Reoccurring revenue agreements. Prime contractor for the State of Florida. 2-3 year contracts in place with major customers. Industry has experienced strong ...
Telecom IT Services
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £49,505,000 Location: Non-UK
Integrator of equipment and services in the telecommunication marketplace with operations in the US, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Long-term international and local relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and clients. It has several projects in the pipeline generating ...
Electronics & Robotics Components
Asking Price: £500,000 Turnover:  £762,000 Location: UK Wide
Very profitable and long-established ecommerce business retailing electronics and robotics components and subassemblies to hobbyists and enthusiasts. There is also a wholesale/educational element to the business supplying schools, colleges and universities. Leasehold. NP £150k....
Telephone Software
Asking Price: £2,500,000 Turnover:  £500,000 Location: East of England
Software is used in servers to process telephone calls and for office activities like billing customers and processing company orders....
SMS, Email & Fax Communications
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £190,000 Location: UK Wide
Manual and automated SMS, email, fax and postal communications. Relocatable. Blue-chip public and private sector clients. Ideal bolt-on acquisition. Great scope for developing the company. Offers invited....
IT Solutions
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £3,400,000 Location: UK Wide
Offering B2B services for all IT-related requirements including software, web development and engineering services. Offered for sale by the shareholder looking to concentrate on his other business activities. He has played no day-to-day management role for over 12 months. The existing management tea...
Computer Equipment
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,182,000 Location: South West
Established for over 15 years, supplying online computer, laptop and parts with opportunities for expansion and growth. UK-based, supplying to trade, businesses, schools and colleges. Small amount of overseas trade but good prospects to develop further. Freehold. NP £100k....
IT Support & Hosted Services
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £2,125,000 Location: London
Central London-based IT support and hosted services provider with 52 clients representing 73% of revenue on 12-month support and managed services contracts. No single client accounts for more than 9% of total revenue. Strong management team in place....
IT Solutions
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,000,000 Location: Scotland
Specialist IT solutions provider. Strong customer base. Financially sound. Realistic growth opportunity. Reputable name within the industry. Leasehold premises. Adj. NP £215k. Offers invited....
Electronics Design Consultants
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,369,625 Location: South East
Founded in 1985, it designs and manufactures electronic products for third parties in a wide variety of fields, from oil exploration to medical. It has a wide range of customers from multinationals to one-man-bands, many of whom have been with the business for a considerable time. The majority of it...
Digital Sign-in Systems
Asking Price: - Turnover:  - Location: Non-UK
A software company focused on providing digital sign-in systems. Focuses on medical facilities, retail service businesses and government institutions. This easy to use tablet/kiosk application organises customers and their needs upon arrival while providing seamless documentation and statistical rep...
Barcode & RFID Product Reseller
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,060,000 Location: South East
Leading value-added reseller and provider of barcode, mobile computing and RFID products and solutions to a wide range of clients, both within the UK and internationally. Extensive, loyal client base, including blue-chip organisations, public sector bodies and SMEs. Authorised value-added reseller f...
Turnkey Installation for Telecommunications
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £4,665,000 Location: Non-UK
Delivering turnkey installation for telecommunications. Breakdown: structured cabling (45%); phone systems (30%); networking solutions (15%); and maintenance solutions (10%). Operating for over 28 years. Long-term customer network established. Partners include Avaya, Mitel, and Cisco. Maintenance co...
IT Consulting
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,800,000 Location: Non-UK
A premier provider of IT staff augmentation services to state and local governments as well as the private sector. Launched proprietary software in 2010 with re-release scheduled for 2014. Strong reputation, commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Prime vendor with the State of Florida. Flo...
Meetings & Events
Asking Price: - Turnover:  £1,400,000 Location: UK Wide
Provides easy-to-access web-based software containing data on thousands of venues in the UK and worldwide. Event planners search this data to find suitable locations for their meetings and events. Venues pay recurring subscription fees to have their meeting and event space promoted through its onlin...

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Why are technology companies so popular?

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