300 Blackpool hotels and guest-houses for sale

Wed, 09 Mar 2011

Almost 300 hotel and guest houses located across Blackpool have been put up for sale, with price tags totalling well over £30 million.

The properties on the market range from large hotels comprising over 50 bedrooms, to small guest-houses. The largest 220 hotels that are on the market have a combined price tag of £31.4 million.

The portfolio comprises 32 properties located on the Promenade, between South Shore and North Shore, including the New Promenade, St Elmo, Royal Windsor and Harlands hotels.

Two of the unnamed Promenade hotels which are up for sale come with the highest asking prices, at £1.8 million and £950,000 respectively. Helmshore Hotel, the 35-bed located on Charnley Road is for sale at £825,000.

Sam Hodgson of Metcalf’s Estate Agents, which is selling some of the properties, told The Gazette, “We have quite a lot on at the moment.

“It’s a buyer’s market at the moment. Some of the properties will stay on the market for a few years – that is normal,” he added.

President of StayBlackpool and owner of the Number One hotels, Clare Smith, said, “I think we are all up for sale if the right price is offered. There has always been a very high number of hotel and bed and breakfasts on the market at any one time in the town.”

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