Administrators seek to sell marketing business as a going concern

Wed, 01 Dec 2010

The largest marketing agency in Newcastle has gone into administration, just nine months after being bought by a US-based firm.

Robson Brown was bought by Los Angeles-based media company Round2 Communications earlier this year and put under the umbrella of Round2 International UK, alongside two other UK media companies.

Alongside the administration of Robson Brown, which has been trading for 25 years, both of the other companies, Attinger Jack Advertising Limited - based in Bath – and R2 Communications Limited in London, have also been placed into administration.

Robson Brown focuses on PR, design, TV, media planning and advertising and has a staff of 80, all of whom now face an uncertain future.

Zolfo Cooper has been appointed as administrator and hopes to sell Robson Brown as a going concern.

Kevin Coates, Zolfo Cooper director, said, “The group has suffered from recent cash flow pressures, which combined with recent poor trading performance and the economic climate has led to the need for today’s appointments.”

“We are examining all possible options for the future of these companies at present and will keep clients and suppliers informed,” he added.

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