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Bovey Castle hotel for sale
Tue, 22 May 2012

The owners of luxury country house hotel Bovey Castle, situated in Dartmoor National Park in Devon, have hoisted up a for sale sign with a price tag of £17.5 million.

Property investment firm Delancey bought the hotel in 2006 from Peter De Savary for £26.4 million, with its joint venture partner at the time Hilwood Hotels & Resorts.

Delancey and Hilwood had created a portfolio of hotels together also including the Grand Hotel & Spa in Jersey, Bailbrook House near Bath and the newly built Brooklands hotel in Weybridge, Surrey, which opened in 2010.

West Register (Hotels No 2) bought the Grand Hotel & Spa last year, and Bailbrook house is now being marketed for a sale for £6.95 million.

Hilwood Hotels & Resorts does not exist any longer as a brand for the hotels, a spokesperson for Delancey said. The hotels owned by property clients of Delancey’s now are being run as separate businesses.

The heir to the WH Smith retailer chain built Bovey castle. With its 64 bedrooms, the neo-Elizabethan style hotel also features 14 three-bedroom lodges, an 18-hole golf course and two gatehouses in a 275-acre estate. Its website invites interest in its wide variety of services which include weddings, its spa, team building events and conferences.

Delancey has no intentions to sell the 120-bedroom Brooklands hotel.

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