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Businesses for sale on the rise, providing opportunities for able buyers
Mon, 20 Dec 2010

The Forum of Private Business has suggested that the number of businesses for sale looks likely to increase over the coming months, opening up opportunities for ready and able buyers with cash to hand.

Due to the uncertain economic climate and continuing curbs on lending, conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises remain tough.

Spokesman for the Forum of Private Business, Phil McCabe, said, “Historically firms do struggle more coming out of a recession than during it.

“Government policies regarding access to finance and payments are going to be crucial going forward,” he added.

This news follows warnings from The Electrical Contractors’ Association, which noted that business owners keen to sell up and enjoy their retirement are finding it increasingly hard to find buyers, mainly due to public spending cuts, tight lending criteria and a shaken consumer confidence.

The scarcity of buyers and rising numbers of businesses for sale will open up numerous opportunities for those with cash who can move fast and business owners - especially those looking to retire - may be willing to do a good deal.

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