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What are you looking for?

I’m looking for the latest businesses in administration

We list all businesses that have been put into administration in the UK. The database is updated every day, and you can opt to have daily email alerts of the latest businesses in administration.

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I want to find out about distressed businesses as early as possible

We update our listing on a daily basis, well before Companies House. We also list businesses with winding-up petitions lodged against them. Winding-up petitions are a great way to spot troubled companies before they become insolvent. We provide daily notifications of businesses that have had winding-up petitions lodged against them. In some cases our subscribers will have been notified up to six weeks in advance of the company becoming insolvent.

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I am interested in buying the assets of distressed businesses

There are a number of great businesses that have run into trouble, be it financial or management related; these businesses present wonderful opportunities for those correctly positioned to capitalise on their failings. A business in administration may have assets up for sale at a fraction of their market value as a result of their insolvent status.

Additionally, liquidators will often sell a business’ assets at a reduced price. Our members frequently use our information on company liquidations to capitalise on failing competitors, snapping up contracts, client banks and assets from failed rivals.

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I am interested in property

Many businesses that fall into administration will have associated property assets that may be put up for sale. Our members can filter their searches for property related distressed businesses. We list the total fixed assets of these businesses, high assets are a great indicator that a business has property related assets that might be sold by the administrators.

I’m looking to buy a distressed business, how much time do I have?

Timing is crucial as administrators may already be in contact with parties interested in the business or assets. Making sure you are aware of distressed businesses as soon as possible is vital. Remember, you’re unlikely to be the only one looking for a particular business or asset. Those that sit back waiting for an opportunity often miss their chance.

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