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The Business Sale Report provides a valued resource for business people interested in capitalising on unique businesses sale and and distressed business opportunities. Here are just a few reviews from subscribers who have greatly benefited from our services.

Buyer Testimonials

People often ask me where I find businesses to buy. There’s an amazing website called Business Sale Report.

Jonathan Jay, Serial entrepreneur and founder of The Dealmaker's Academy

The report gives us a very useful update on the opportunities in the TMT market section which we are particularly interested in and has already provided one potential deal for the group in the relatively short time we have been receiving the Report.

Tony Connor, Affinity Internet Plc

I work in corporate finance and am continually on the lookout for new businesses for sale. I find that the business sale report is one of my first reference points. I often refer to the web site and circulate the printed version to my colleagues.

Tony Bates, Gemini Corporate Finance Limited

Since we subscribed to Business Sale Report, our M&A activity has increased several fold, and been made much more easy. Generally a very useful publication.

Tony Bates, Gemini Corporate Finance Limited

I just wanted to drop you a quick line regarding our recent subscription to the Business Sale Report and our first time adverts placed for businesses for sale. We recently had 3 business for sale listings with you, opportunities in the £2m asking price range. I am delighted to let you know that we are now dealing with 4 serious trade related buyer enquiries on these business opportunities... An excellent publication - well done!

Sean McQuitty, First Peninsula Commercial

Very useful publication and great for market M&A activity.

Sanjeev Gandhi, CACI

A very useful service - clearly presented.

R. Lewis, Wardell Developments Ltd.

The Business Sale Report subscription cost is a drop in the ocean if you are seriously considering taking on a bust company, which I have done several times.

Peter Syme, Splash Events

The most communicative of any information provider!

Peter Skelton, Europefa Partenaires

A useful publication in a surprisingly poorly served market.

Peter Ford

We have used the Business Sale Report now for years and find the sector spread and summaries an excellent basis to talk to our own acquisitive clients about. There are lots of "others" but none which "compare" as favourably with the information and business leads this provides for us.

Paul Owen, Kent Jones & Done

Thank you for your services to us over the many years, We have continued to find great uses for the information you provide, we have been subscribers since 1997.

Paul Owen, Freeth Cartwright

Brilliant services, I access a wealth of businesses all from one place

Nick Pritchard, Transaction Management Limited

I have used BSR before when looking for companies. I have only recently subscribed so my experience is limited but in first month - I have identified 5 companies of interest to one client - had two calls re a sale opportunity, one of which has resulted in exchange of confidentiality agreements and an appointment to view early next month.

Mike Burley, BV Consultants Ltd.

BSR is the most useful source I have found in the search for candidate acquisitions. The information is normally accurate, up-to-date and succinct. The cost per worthwhile contact is negligible, and the amount of wasted time has been very low because the business details given, though brief, contain enough to target sensibly. I have mainly used the principal listing, but have also had some quality response to a Businesses Wanted ad.

Liam Le Roy, Spencer Brown Management Consultants Limited.

I have found my second acquisition by using BSR.

Les Charneca, Pelican Holdings

Service and presentation has always been very professional and efficient. Keep up the good work.

Keith Tippey, Niod Valley Medical

I found it very useful when I was looking for a business to buy. It was worth paying the subscription so I was kept informed rather than having to look out for stuff.

Jonathan Patrick, JPEN Limited

I successfully found a business using the Business Sale Report

John Seed, Helius Energy Plc

The Business Sale Report provides a great little service, I've successfully bought a new business and now intend on growing it.

Graham Davy

The most comprehensive summary of acquisition opportunities in the UK.

Gilles Colombeau, Halifax Industrial.

I'm not looking to make any more acquisitions this year. You guys have found me all that I need. Thank you.

Doug Nourse, BiGDUG Limited

BSR provides comprehensive content for dealmakers to keep in daily contact with companies coming up for sale. It has already provided us with a couple of strong leads.

Donald Proud, Owen Williams Consultants

I have been actively involved in identification of acquisition targets for the past 11 years. Initially as part of a multi-national plc, then whilst involved in VC backed buy-outs and most recently as owner of a small "platform" Business, acquired specifically as a vehicle for growth through acquisition. I subscribe to BSR as whilst our radar is quite broad it is inevitable we miss potential opportunities. As such BSR is a valuable service underpinning our own research work.

Derek Poulton, Wynstruments Ltd

An excellent service - fast, reasonably priced and not biased.

David Wood, BDO LLP

The business Sale Report has helped us fill our investment quota for the year, we will definitely be using it in the future.

Colm O'Rourke, Private Investor

Thanks for an excellent service

Carl Laxton, Caljel Limited

We successfully used the information provided in the Business Sale Report to direct our areas of interest and eventually after paying due diligence we managed to source a great business and complete our expansion requirement.

Brian Coleman, Coleman-Adams Ltd

We use the digital edition of the report to identify opportunities which may be of interest to our clients. The report has proven time and time again to be an extremely useful tool for initiating transactions for our clients.

Andrew McNeill, Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP

Seller Testimonials

Until recently I have been paying around £600 a month to advertise various businesses using Google Adwords, resulting in about six leads per week. Thanks to Business Sale Report I am paying around £195 a year for considerably more leads of better quality, it's a no-brainer. Truly a great service, long may you continue!

Peter S Wilson, Certified Accountant

An essential publication, particularly for those selling a business. My firm subscribes to the Business Sale Report and this has been of considerable value when acting for clients seeking acquisitions and also when acting for vendors. Sale particulars places on behalf of clients always produce significant volume of enquiries from interested parties

Peter Lee, Dendy Neville

In less than a month we received interested from a number quality parties, one of which has already put forward an acceptable offer.

Konrad Keller, The Health Bay Limited

We sold our business earlier in the year, and although the sale was to someone we already knew, the Business Sale Report was very helpful in generating a number of leads and establishing a competitive environment for the sale.

Hubert Beaumont

I'm delighted to ask you to withdraw my recent business listing from the market as we have received an acceptable offer. I must say that I could not be more impressed with the results we have had so far since we started to use your company

Brian Watson, Lloyd Fredericks Limited

Distressed Business Testimonials

Since I renewed my subscription, I have managed to build my own network of administrators. I am now in contact with 6 West Midlands based admins who give me direct information. Still looking for more!

Khalid Rashid, Surelock Homes Ltd

We rely on the report for all the current information on distressed business opportunities in the care field. A truly wonderful service!

Eleanor Smith, Cadogan Care Limited