How to obtain MBI Finance
New accounting rules that may change the way that businesses value their targets' assets
Financing the Purchase of a Business
There is a whole range of ways to finance the running of a business including loans, overdrafts, hire purchase, factoring to name a few. Our guide sets out how to go about obtaining finance for all sorts of activities including the purchase of other businesses.
Obtaining MBI Finance
A management buy-in (MBI), wherein the control of the business passes to outside management, will typically involve private equity backing. Because this kind of venture is a higher risk to an investor than a management buy-out (MBO), there are certain qualities an MBI candidate must display in order to secure private equity finance.
Private Equity Debt
Read a report that warned of stresses in the private equity market long before the ?credit crunch? took hold.
Raising finance for an acquisition
Smart investors will look at leveraging their acquisition as much as possible but maintaining a high return on their investment. We look at various sources of finance to enable entrepreneurs to buy businesses.