Taxation Services

Purchasers and sellers of businesses need to fully understand the tax implications of their actions. The Business Sale Report has teamed up with experts in this area who will be able to advise you. Our consultant is a member of the Corporate Finance Faculty at the ICAEW with 10 years experience and has achieved accreditation with the British Accreditation Bureau for Corporate Finance Services.

Nobody, company or individual, wants to pay more tax than is necessary.

Buying and Selling a Business
It has become ever more imperative to fully understand the tax implications of the business sale transaction as these will often directly affect the structure of the deal. The decision whether to purchase the assets or the shares of the business is one very important consideration here. Subscribers to the Business Sale Report will have access to the useful document 'Why Purchasers Want To Buy Assets and Vendors Want To Sell Shares'. For a more in-depth analysis of your particular situation, please send a no-obligation enquiry.

Corporation Tax
By the regular monitoring of taxation matters through out the year, normally as part and parcel of audit and accountancy services, they can anticipate possible corporation tax liabilities and recommend appropriate action to help mitigate these.

All of the main tax returns and compliance documents are produced on specialist computer systems to ensure the most up to date information.

Income and other taxes
Personal income tax services for the employed and self employed can also be undertaken including dealing with self assessment tax returns and, of course, tax planning.

Additionally, advice can be given on all other taxes - including Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, VAT and National Insurance.

Insurance against Investigation
Our advisors are able to arrange in conjunction with Abbey Tax Protection, insurance to cover the professional accounting and legal fees associated with full investigations. This is cost effective and gives you piece of mind you and your business need in dealing with the Tax authorities.