Distressed Businesses

Government introduces Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill 2020


The government has this week brought in to action the Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill 2020, which sees the introduction of new corporate restructuring tools for insolvency and restructuring process, giving companies the m...continue reading

COVID-19 could see two-fifths of UK SMEs close permanently, survey finds


A new survey from business insurance firm Simply Business has found that COVID-19 could see two-fifths of UK small- and medium-sized businesses close permanently and could cost the UK SME sector as a whole more than £69 bill...continue reading

Buying a business in debt


Every business decision carries an element of risk. It's understandable, then, when looking to acquire a new business, some entrepreneurs are less confident about purchasing companies that are already in debt. For those buy...continue reading

Find distressed business opportunities at the right time


When you first hear ‘distressed’ business, you may be thinking this is a business that is struggling to pay its loans and creditors. You’re not wrong in this assumption, a business is in distress because it is un...continue reading

How does the winding-up petition process work?


With the number of winding-up petitions on the rise - Business Sale Report data shows a 28 per cent year-on-year Q1 rise - we take a look at this process of insolvency. If you’re in the market for a distressed business, this...continue reading

Companies in Administration


In what circumstances does a company find itself in administration? Financial difficulties can lead to a company being placed into administration. Whilst it is in administration, the company, along with its affairs and assets, ar...continue reading

The 2018 business turnaround cheatsheet


There are a number of signs that indicate the health of your business may be in trouble, and many small and mid-sized business owners will face the task of managing the recovery of a distressed or dying business at some point in t...continue reading

Buying intellectual property out of a business administration


Buying physical assets from a company in administration is well-trodden ground for many business buyers. However, you may not have previously considered buying intellectual property (IP) from a company in the same scenario. Igno...continue reading

Big shake-up in business insolvency rules looming


Deep reforms are designed to give trouble-hit firms the chance to restructure early and increase confidence among current and budding entrepreneurs. We take a look at what’s on the slate. Big changes to European countries&r...continue reading

How to buy a business out of administration


The economy can be an unpredictable beast but what is predictable is that a number of UK businesses will go into administration in the coming years. And while this may be an unfavourable aspect of the economy, it presents a real o...continue reading

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