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M&A market and Brexit

What affect has Brexit had on the M&A market?

The transcript of the interview follows:

How has Brexit affected the M&A Section?

I can have a guess and I can look at the facts. My guess was that this was going to give us a challenge. The reality is we’re seeing more buyers and we are closing more deals since they announced that Brexit was on the horizon. I can’t tell you that I like the way that Brexit is being handled by the politicians, but I can tell you that financially we’re seeing a big increase in activity in mergers & acquisitions since that point in time.

Why do you think that is?

Well, firstly, with the Stirling going down in value, any overseas buyers – who we specialise in helping – they get an immediate discount on the business because they buy the pounds for less of the local currency. But also I think the business community understands that every time there is a big change there is a big opportunity. And at the end of the day, we’re going to be better off after that process than we are now. And I think it’s that mind frame with entrepreneurs that is driving this improvement in conditions. I couldn’t tell you specifically why but factually we are seeing a much higher activity. The quality of the deals are better, the number of interested buyers is growing, and we are very happy with that change.

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