Buying a business

Buying a Business

Buying a hotel
Newcomers to the hospitality industry are stimulating demand for hotels for sale in the UK, with the cheaper end of the market currently experiencing a notable boom.
Current state of the M&A market
Up until this summer, the small to mid-sized business M&A market has not been severely affected by the problems in the financial markets. However, as the general lack of confidence continues and lending remains very scarce it is now no longer immune. We look at the current state of the market and who the buyers are who are defying the credit crunch and snapping up businesses.
Luke Johnson talks about buying and selling businesess
Luke Johnson talks to the Business Sale Report about how he has done business in the downturn and offers advice on buying and selling businesses.
Buy businesses during a downturn
Analysis from Deloitte, the business advisory firm, shows that companies can almost double their shareholder return by completing deals during an economic slump. The analysis of over 110 of the largest completed acquisitions over a ten year period from 1996 - 2006 highlights a two-year return of 12.1% over the peer group average for those UK businesses which announce deals negotiated in a downturn. This compares with just 6.1% for those which announce deals in a more buoyant market.
Now is the time to buy businesses
Recent research has shown that merger and acquisition activity, during economic downturns, delivers better shareholder value for both buyer and sellers in the long term.
Acquisition strategy
Acquisition strategy and how to buy a business. A guide from the Business Sale Report the independent listing of businesses for sale
Negotiating techniques
Learn how to get the most out of any deal. Good negotiating techniques are essential for any entrepreneur.
Do you have specialist acquisition requirements?
Do you have specific acquisition requirements? If so the Business Sale Report could help find you the right business to buy
Premium price for UK businesses
In a recent report it has been shown that UK businesses are worth more than French ones.
Know who you are buying from
When acquiring a business it can be just as important to consider who you are buying from as what you are buying. The different types of seller must be considered, and the buyer must decide which is the most effective kind of seller for them.
Dangers of buying a business
There are many purchasing pitfalls that can trap the unwary. There are very few absolute bargains.
Buying an insolvent business
Buying an insolvent company can be a risky business. Read our guide on how to approach insolvency practitioners and learn some of the essential differences between buying a profitable business and one that is in the hands of the administrator.
How to approach sellers of businesses directly
How to approach sellers of a business directly. A guide from the Business Sale Report the listing of businesses for sale.
Essential skills an MBI candidate requires to secure equity funding
In order to secure equity funding it is essential that any Management Buy-in (MBI) candidate has the required skills of team leadership and industry experience.
Buying a business: avoiding the ten main deal breakers
Article on how to avoid the ten main dealbreakers when trying to buy or sell a business.
Vendor due diligence
Vendor due diligence. A guide from the Business Sale Report the independent listing of businesses for sale
How to buy or sell a private company
The Business Sale Reports' definitive guide on how to buy an sell a private business
How to buy a care home
The Business Sale Reports' definitive guide on how to buy a care home with the latest market comment.
How to buy a construction business
The Business Sale Reports' definitive guide on how to buy a construction business.